Saturday Evening

It had been one of those days. The heat didn’t help, Lilly was restless, and I had had to accept that I probably wasn’t going to be able to go to Italy this summer. So when Vic phoned to ask if I wanted to go out looking for Barn Owls, I jumped at the chance especially as Lilly could come to. 

It was oppressively humid as we set off, after first setting up a camera on a local badger sett. Lilly sulked in her harness, though she had had a refreshing drink at Vic’s before we set off.

We arrived at a possible Barn Owl spotting site. Vic found an adult sitting on the quarry ledge almost straight away.  It took me a while longer but eventually the cream and brown blob revealed itself as a Barn Owl.

Lilly had been very good but when someone started shooting near by she got panicky. She hates loud bangs, fireworks, shotguns, motorbikes.

The air was still warm and humid and full of midges and thunder flies. So we decided that it was time to leave. 

As we were setting off to walk back to the car a peregrine flew purposely overhead. No doubt the owl that had been rooted to the ledge, did a couple of back flips and swallow dives before setting off for a spot of hunting.




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