Saturday Morning Stroll

We are enduring a bit of a heat wave in  Buxton at the moment. Lilly the Collie finds the heat oppressive, but this does not stop her wanting to play frisbee and chase her ball about.

The fact she has the equivalent of a heavy sweater on makes little difference. She would run and chase until heat exhaustion forces her to stop.

So when it is this hot, we go out early. Having checked out a badger sett locally, I decided that a walk around Green Fairfield would be a good idea, so packing up a couple of bottles of chilled water and some treats, we set off.

The first port of call was to the old Waterswallows quarry. The wild flowers on the hillside that overlooks the old quarry, now filled with water, are stunning.

The photographs don’t do them justice and I am no botanist, so I cannot begin to name them all, but there were several different Orchids, Purple Loosestriff, Red Clover, kidney Vetch, Buttercups  and many different types of grasses. The site is a good example of how nature can transform a landscape if it is left alone.



I managed to take this picture of a butterfly feeding amongst the flowers and grasses. It is an uplifting walk. Lilly was slighty put off by the Terns that nest in the cliffs of the old quarry, so we did not hang around, and climbing over the gate onto the lane we headed off past Daiseymere farm down Redgap lane towards Woo Dale.

I decided to give Woo Dale a miss. Last time the cattle that were grazing there were keen to come and see what we were upto, and they insisted on following us.

Instead we took the footpath that took us back to Green lane and where I parked the car. A male kestrel flew briefly round us before heading off towards Orient Lodge.

It was hot, and we stopped a few times so that Lilly could take on water and I enjoyed some coffee. The Bees and Butterflies buzzed and fluttered around us, and rooks picked among the stauks from the recently cut hay. A few fields away a tractor was working in the fields and away towards Fairfield Low a 4×4 meandered between the cattle.



The last stretch of the footpath before getting to Green Lane is a lovely stroll along the footpath that runs between dry stone walls, in places tumbling into the grasses. A ribbon of grasses and flowers left to thrive and nurture the insects and birds that feed off the nectar, pollen and seeds.

Back at the car another cooling drink of water for Lilly and then home. A lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning.



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