Shame on you Natural England

So Natural England have issued a licence to enable a gamekeeper to kill ten buzzards in order to protect young pheasants.

Why do the Pheasants need protecting?

So they can be shot. For fun.

The irony.

Natural England is happy to see one of our magnificent birds of prey shot, so that a non native, captive bred bird, that is bred for the sole purpose of providing “sport” can be protected for a few months until it will be shot.

So here are a few pictures of a buzzard.


Would you rather see a buzzard rising gently on a thermal on a warm summers day, or watch a pheasant do a poor attempt at flying as it struggles to get out of the way.

And apparently at the end of the season 30% of the pheasant poults on most shooting estates are left un shot. Not out of any sense of compassion by the guns. Simply because they get missed or managed to avoid the beaters.

So is this really about protecting young pheasant poults or just the landed gentry bearing down on wild life?

Harold, Harold if only you had waited one day, if you had not been so impatient, you would have beaten Guillaume the bastard. And how different might things have been.

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