Landscapes – Part Three

Just a few shots from my walk through Grinlow woods this morning. The purpose of the trip was to check out the beautiful wild flowers on the glades. Ok so I also gave Lilly the Collie a run out and of course despite the warm weather she managed to find a very muddy pond to drop her ball into.

Surprisingly no rabbits about.

Lilly just had to make do chasing her ball. Not of course that she ever catches rabbits, but she likes to pretend, and to sniff about following their scent. She runs around, tail lifted high, nose to the ground, circling back and forth, occasionally making out that she will chase one when it breaks cover.

She never catches them.

Perhaps though in her dreams. Later when we are home as she lies out on the carpet trying to keep cool, her paws twitch back and forth, the pace quickens, until the imaginary rabbit dives down its dark dreamy burrow and escapes for another night.

She never catches them. Not even in her dreams.



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