A Walk in the Woods

For a change Lilly the Collie and I decide to go to Grin woods and walk up to Solomon’s temple. It’s a grey start to the day, and cold. There is only one other car in the carpark. It’s has just gone six thirty so I guess that’s not too much of a surprise. Lilly is already excited. She can sense the squirrels. I keep her on the lead. Not because I am particularly fond of squirrels, though I wish the, no harm, no it’s because I want to get to the top fairly quickly. If she is off her lead and lose she will disappear as she races after the poor little grey things.

There is a couple of walkers calling for their dog. They seem concerned and the shouting becomes a little more panicky. We stop to look at the new ride that has been created. It looks a little bit of a mess at the moment but of course time will change all this and in a few years it will be a beautiful vibrant and diverse addition to the wood. There will be critics of course. Siren voices calling foul and betrayal as they see only trees being cut down and have no vision of foresight to see what will be.

Through the gate and onto the open land. I let Lilly of the lead and she watches me as I get the throwback stick ready and then in a blur of joy she races tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth eyes wide with the sheer joy of running, belter smelter after the ball as it flies through the air before landing and spinning wildly off at an angle on the rough limestone surface.  And so that’s how the walk goes for the next thirty minutes. I contemplate the light slowly brightening and the town that lies below. Lilly is just a happy dog. Ball, throw, race, catch, return. Life can be simple when you want it to be.

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