Vote Early.

The pandemic has changed the way I vote. I don’t mean politically but practically. In non pandemic times, election day involved a leisurely stroll to the polling station set up in a small building next to the local school, Lilly the collie always came along and I like to think brightened the morning for the folk manning the station.

But the pandemic has changed things. A longer walk across town is required and not wanting to waste the journey incase dogs were not permitted, I left Lilly behind, with the promise of Frisbee when I had returned from voting.

As I set off the snow started falling. Well, it is Buxton and it is only early May. People still talk about the cricket match abandoned to snow in June 1975. They also mention in passing that we had one of the hottest summers for many years afterwards.

So I trudged along feeling slightly sad that I had not taken Lilly as the snow settled on my coat briefly before melting away.

The polling station was in St Johns Church so space was not a problem and eventually I managed to find the correct place to go and vote and I duly discharged my democratic duty.

It was not very busy. But it was quite early. Vote early and often as no one said ever,

When I left the polling station the snow had stopped and a weak and watery sun was trying to banish the clouds.

The results apparently will leak out over the next few days. Counting takes longer because of Covid 19.

I hurried home, there was a Collie waiting impatiently for her Frisbee..

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