Sad and Angry

The Heron flapped lazily down towards the higher of the three small ponds. I lost sight of it though as I had to concentrate on Lily the Collie who was trying to herd squirrels in the woods and getting frustrated at them climbing the trees. One only just made it safely away from her snapping teeth. By the time I had got Lilly back under control the heron was gone. I suspect it was after frogs.

Back home after drying off a wet and muddy collie, I had a quick look at Facebook. I was disgusted to see that a male peregrine had been found shot outside Derbyshire Wildlife Trust HQ in Belper. Shame on who ever killed this wonderful, majestic bird. Apart from the fact that it is illegal it is an act that deprives so many people of the pleasure of watching it. Apparently folk come from all over the county to observe and photograph it s there will be an economic cost to. Hope whoever did it is caught and punished accordingly.

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