Time to move on Part Two

At the moment I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of having to move. Every room seems full of clutter, every cupboard full of things collected (not hoarded) over the past twenty-three years. Where to start? Well I guess the sensible thing is to take each room in turn and work out what I am going to take, what I am going to store, and what I am going to get rid of. But this is easy in theory but hard in practise. First of all there is the decision to be made as to which of us will take those things that we have acquired together. My default response is to throw my hands in the air and say that I am not bothered, take what you want, and skulk off to take the dog for a walk.  But that is unfair to both of us. We will no doubt work out an appropriate formula and that will be that.  And I have the small matter of over a thousand books to deal with. I can’t take them all with me but I am not getting rid of them. I will need some serious storage.

As far as the sale is concerned, the surveyor has been round to have a look and make his report, so that will determine how things progress and more importantly how quickly they progress.  I just want it all to be over and to be settled in somewhere. I think I have found somewhere to go. It’s a two bedroom cottage in a village nearby. It’s in a beautiful location, I could be happy there I think, but it depends upon whether the Landlord will allow Lilly the Collie to move in as well. Fingers crossed.

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