Nature Notes

Its been a good month form the point of view of Birds around our way. Well it has if you like Peregrine Falcons. There has been a pair nesting locally for the past five years or so but they seem to have been more visible this year. I hear them virtually every morning when I take Lilly out as we walk close to their nest site, and last week they were flying over our house in pursuit of pigeons. They are magnificent birds. In level flight the pigeon can out pace them, but they are designed to strike from above, reaching speeds of 200 mph as they stoop, wings folded back in pursuit of a meal. Well don’t take my word for it have  a look at this extract from a recent BBC programme “Perfect Predators”  I have not seen them hunting yet this year, though one of my fellow dog walkers has seen the adults passing food to each other.

In addition to the Peregrine, there is also a young Kestrel hanging around the area. I have seen it on several occasions and watched it for up to half an hour a time.  It seems to prefer sitting on the telephone wires and watching to see what wanders into view beneath it rather than hunting by hovering.  It must be feeding though because its been around for over a month.

There are of course the usual suspects, Jackdaws, Crows, and a plethora of SBJs (Small Brown Jobs). I shall miss these fields and dales next year, though if the rumours are to be believed then there are plans to build more housing. That with the likely extension of the quarry at some point in the future will, mean that this little piece of nature and all that goes on in it will be lost. Maybe it’s a good thing that  shall not be there to see it.

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