Time to move on Part One

About a year ago Mrs F and I decided that we would have to put Birdwatcher Towers on the market. There were several reasons for this. One of them was the difficulty in funding the mortgage every month. Just about doable if there were no nasty financial surprises, but there was no room for anything else. Didn’t make sense really. And of course the kids have left home, the Wiz to improve her intellect in Leeds, and the Munch to take the culinary world by storm in Edinburgh. We had Lilly the Collie of course, but she is a dog that requires little in the way of material things. As long as there are stairs so we can play slopes she is happy. We were, as the phrase has it rattling around like two peas in a pod. Secondly our marriage of some seventeen years had run its course. For what ever reason and there are quite a few, we  both felt it was time to go our separate ways. 

So Birdwatcher towers, my home of some 23 years was put on the market. I will be honest, I have hoped that it would not be sold, that no one would see in it the lovely happy home that I have found. I hoped that they would be put off by the area. We live in one of the less salubrious parts of town. This counts for something. If nothing else it knocks off twenty or thirty thousand pounds off its value. For a year we have had maybe one or two viewers a month. They have all said how much they liked it, apart from the speculator who wanted to rip everything up and pull everything down.  But none had come back for a second viewing. And no I was not the one showing them round. I was banished under the pretence that I had to take Lilly out as she would just bark and put people off, where as really it was me that Mrs BW wanted to get out of the way.  But two weeks ago a couple came back for a second viewing and made us an offer. After a bit of negotiation we accepted it. So now I have to find somewhere to go.  There are two responses to this. To be bitter an twisted and negative or to say okay lets view this as an opportunity. I want to take the later view and to positive. At the moment I am still stuck in the former. 

To be continued.

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