I try my hand at reviewing a Cafe

The offer of breakfast to my daughter and her boyfriend, George, earlier that morning had been based upon the premise that we would eat in Buxton. So you can imagine my surprise when I found us pulling up in the Co-op car park, running a little behind schedule, (They were on their way back to Leeds) in Holmfirth. Nevertheless I had had happy memories of the town and was confident that it offered more in the way of choice than Penistone which after scratching Buxton from the card had been the next destination of choice. By now it was mid morning, so brunch or even an early luncheon seemed more appropriate.

As we strode from the car park, I noticed a café enticingly entitled Scufflers. It looked a little run down, the sign above faded and stained with the pollution from thousands of cars. But nevertheless I paused and suggested that given the tight time-scale, we had to be in Leeds by 2.00pm at the latest, perhaps we should try there. Inside things looked a little more promising, so encouraged I asked about the vegetarian options and was proudly pointed in the direction of the specials board. There was one veggie option. So that was Daughter and Boyfriend sorted. For myself I decided on a Vegetarian option as well, for hidden away in the standard menu surrounded by chicken, beef and ham sandwiches was humus with salad in a bagette, brown or white, your choice.

As it was quite full inside of Yorkshire ladies lunching, and because we had the dog, and no dogs were allowed inside, we sat outside. The seating al fresco consisted of one slightly disorientated aluminium table with three chairs. You had a choice with the table, wobbly but flat or leaning but stable, we choose the latter. The table was in the shade, tantalising close to sunlight but nevertheless in the shade. To have moved the table into the sun would have required no effort on our part, but it would I suspect have brought out the most officious of Yorkshire men armed with peaked caps and a clipboard, as we would have had to have blocked a private entrance. But we were in Yorkshire and I guess this lone rather rickety table passes for cafe society. So we sat in the shade and shivered slightly. The sandwiches and wraps when they arrived were nothing special. They were perfectly edible but were the sort of things that one could have knocked up at home. There was no special Scufflers twist, nothing for one to remark upon.

Having dealt with the savoury option we decided to try the cakes before resuming our journey. We chose the Lemon drizzle cake, the caramel shortbread and the home-made cookies. We knew they were home-made because it said so on the sign beneath them. Nevertheless this did not stop the waitress when she brought our order to the table from telling us that the “Lemon drizzle and Flapjacks were home made.” This was disconcerting on two counts. Firstly we had not ordered flapjacks and secondly the caramel short bread had been left off the list of homemade items, which meant that by a process of deduction one had to conclude that the shortbread was of mass produced origin. The misunderstanding over the flapjack was resolved by keeping it. It looked good and tasted good. The lemon drizzle gained nothing from the claim that it was home made. It like, our lawns and gardens after the recent hot spell was dry and desperately in need of some moisture.

All in all though it was adequate and the company made up for any culinary disappointments. The waitress was cheerful and friendly and she offered Lilly the dog water, but Lilly, being of a fussy disposition preferred her own. A wise choice as it might have been “home made” from the tap.

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