Happy Midwinter Festival 2008

Was going to post a rather long winded thing about Christmas Eve and Time. Unfortunately I have been at the Vodka Martinis so it will have to wait. Instead I give some photographs of the Peak District yesterday (Christmas Eve).

Wishing you you all the best for the next few days and for 2009. To quote the great and much missed Dave Allen “May your god go with you”.

7 thoughts on “Happy Midwinter Festival 2008

  1. And the same to you and the Birdwatcher family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.I have to share this with someone because I’m so excited about seeing it – and no one else I know gives a flip about birds. I saw a red-breasted sapsucker on the pine tree right outside our front window. It was GORGEOUS! Here’s a link: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Red-breasted_Sapsucker_dtl.htmlI was so excited to see it in MY yard.I love your pictures – looks like you are having a good winter so far!love,fiwa

  2. Fiwa wow it looks similar to our lesser spoted woodpecker. But one hell of a bird to have in your garden. fantastic! Happy 2009 to you and the boy.NGB – Cheers. I raise a glass to you and all the no good boyos

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