The Elderly Toyota Feels the Heat

Reprieved! It was only the water pump. Admittedly quite an expensive water pump but it meant a little longer on the road for the world’s most embarrassing car. And I was pleased. So by way of celebration on the way back from Matlock I bought a large bacon and egg roll, a couple of bags of cheese and onion crisps (you’ve got to have vegetables after all) and a mars bar to eat as I drove back to cold and snowy Buxton. Gosh we BW’s know how to celebrate! I was half way through the roll and balancing a packet of crisps on my lap and had finished chatting (hands free) to my boss when an official looking cove in a uniform, reflective yellow jacket and topped off with a helmet leaped from behind a bush and flagged me down. It was of course a member of our friendly lovable police force. I was asked to pull into a lay by where it transpired the entire Derbyshire police force was hiding. “We are conducting a spot check on elderly cars, Sir, so we would like to run through a few things with you.” this from a spotty faced youth who by the look and sound of him had only just reached puberty. “Right, okay, unfortunately officer one of my headlights has just gone so I have had to purchase a replacement bulb today, and of course I am going to fix it as soon as I get home, and of course its daylight….” He noted it down on a form. He then proceeded to go through a number of checks all of which the ET passed with flying colours, apart from one of the tyres which was on the limit.

“Will you please step out of the car and follow me Sir” It was more of an order than a question so I obeyed. We sat in a cold and grim police van. Apparently I had committed a moving traffic offence. He was going to have to breathalyse me and then caution me. So I go the full works, including anything you say etc. Of course the breath test was negative a big fat Zero. He gave me a yellow slip and told me that I had 14 days to rectify the fault and if I failed to do I could be arrested and charged etc etc.

I stomped back to the car passed the mass ranks of constabulary and set off for Buxton. The egg and bacon roll did not taste quite as good now.

7 thoughts on “The Elderly Toyota Feels the Heat

  1. World’s most embarrassing car? My stepkids might disagree and cite the dented Lada I used to drive them around in.Being stopped by the police is a real pain in the A. Did you ever read my post about it – here if you want to look

  2. Damn police! Why can’t they focus on catching criminals instead of pursuing innocent people!! It really annoys me the way they persecute the motorist – a cheaper and easier way of meeting targets, of course.Good to see you sticking to a healthy diet, btw!

  3. Well done BW, you are now a statistic and will help make the Chief Constable a happy boy.I’m so glad Northern Constabulary only venture out to the island once a month.

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