The Misfortune of Others

Amongst all the disappointing and depressing news today, Mrs BW cheered me up when I met up with her for a frugal sandwich and cup of tea at lunchtime. Her personal trainer, courtesy of the National Health Service exercise on prescription scheme, had had a difficult weekend. Apparently he played football for his club on Sunday and they had lost 4-3. One of the opposition goals had been an own goal courtesy of one of his players whilst he had missed a penalty. As he ran up to take it, as he was about to hit the football, his kicking foot caught the back of the ankle on his non kicking foot so that he stubbed the ball. It floated high, wide and harmlessly clear of the goal only to land less harmlessly in the car park. It hit a car with a mighty thump and left a large dent in the body work. It was of course his car. Well it made me laugh.

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