Moonshine and too much Cucumber

I am sitting in what we bird watchers like to think of as the study, but is in fact a spare room that we don’t need, with a desk, a PC, quite a lot of books and of course Moonshine the world’s fattest hamster. Actually I am a bit concerned about him. The Munch in a effort to make up for a few days of neglect decided to give him some cucumber. Quite a lot of it in fact. Moonshine being a hamster and greedy decided that the best way to deal with a surplus of cucumber was to stuff in all into his pouches and take it up to his nest. His nest lies at the top if a tube, quite a narrow tube, and after several abortive attempts he realised that he was not going to make it. So what does he do? Empty his pouches of some of the cucumber? No. Firstly he tries to squash it a bit by going in and out of the tube that connects his living quarters to his exercise wheel. After a few goes and a couple of turns on the wheel for good measure he tries again. He still can’t make it up the tube to his nest though. So he decides to widen the tube. This involves a lot of biting and scratching and after several goes he still can’t make it up. I am just starting to think of how I can help him un-stuff his pouch when with a mighty effort and some considerable bulging in the eye department, he manages to get all of himself into the tube and starts the slow climb up. Well I think he has made it, and that’s quite enough drama for a Saturday. Off to play rugby.

3 thoughts on “Moonshine and too much Cucumber

  1. *snort* I can just imagine the scene – I bet that was pretty entertaining to watch. We had a hamster that could shove 7 peanuts IN THE SHELL into her pouches at once. Of course – she couldn’t walk after that because she was too top heavy. I think we might have you beat on the fatest hamster thing though – we just adopted one a few months back and he is so fat that the wheel sags when he tries to run.

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