Curlew in Flight

It was a bitterly cold morning. There was still snow cover and light flurries of snow gently brushed us we put on boots and chatted to the ducks that came up from the pond to investigate us and to see if we had anything for them. We didn’t and they soon lost interest and went back to the safety and comfort of the pond.

The curlews were noisy and very active. There were quite a few people about walking their dogs and despite the notices telling them to keep dogs on short leads from 1st March to 31st July because of the nesting birds, there were dogs running around on the access land, upsetting the curlews and the grouse.

We felt annoyed. Its bad enough that the paths are covered in dog mess, but to allow your dog to roam across the moor during the nesting season is just plain stupid and idiotic. Not a lot that you can do about it though. The snow gave the moors a bleak and forbidding look and feel to them. As we rounded the end of the dismantled railway line, a Raven flapped lazily above us calling in that deep harsh way of Ravens. I the distance we could see the next line of snow showers working their way towards us. Spring was on hold for the moment. But only for the monment.

5 thoughts on “Curlew in Flight

  1. I’m a dog lover, but it is amazing how…what’s the word I want? Pigheaded? some dog lovers can be. I can not stand to be in a park where dogs are supposed to be leashed and they are not. Rulez is rulez… if you want to let your dog run off leash, go to a dog park. Looking at your picture of the ice and snow suddenly makes our rain a little more palatable.

  2. I think one of those paint ball guns is the answer. Shoot any of the dogs off the lead disturbing nests so they can be clearly seen with a big pink splodge over them and shamed.

  3. Fiwa – Spot on, trouble is when you point it out to them all you get is abuse.Kim – Excellent suggestion. I can use it on the cyclists that ignore the no cyclists signs as well. Better make sure its bio degradable though.

  4. I’m impressed (with this and the next post). I tried to get photos of our heron the other day but my camera takes so long to focus, it was always too far away by the time the flash went.I’ve got no chance with the pewits.

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