The First Day of Spring

Despite the fact that it was chilly, it felt as if Spring had finally arrived. Down in the valley we could hear the Curlews cry and call, and occasionally one would fly along the crest of the hill. The pond was occupied, though the ducks got a little more than they bargined for when first three Canada Geese flew honking and a hollering in for a quick feed and then the Heron dipped in briefly to disturb their peace. Mrs BW and I watched the light fade away.

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As we set off back the heron flew back towards its roost.

And I managed to get a quick snap of it before it faded from sight.

We set off for home with a spring in our steps ready to face the week.

12 thoughts on “The First Day of Spring

  1. That picture is really gorgeous – well done! We had sleet & sun yesterday. I think Spring got lost on the way here.

  2. Fiwa – hopes it finds you soon. As I have said before I love winter but I really am glad that it will be getting warmer. (Oh no what have I said, I suppose we will get snow now, especially as I have some time off next week)

  3. The weather here in Transylvania is being weird as well: suddenly down to 4 degrees on our first day of spring yesterday.Herons never cease to amaze me: the way they move I always think they look prehistoric, like a pterodactyl!

  4. gadjo dilo – I agree with you about Herons. They seem ungainly and slow, though they do show off occasionally. I saw one a couple of days ago doing a fair impression of the red arrows.

  5. Lovely pictures. Not seen our own heron for a while, but I did see our first pewits last night! Spring really HAS arrived.

  6. The weather here changed last week like someone flipped a switch. Tuesday it was snowing, Wednesday the sun was out and the daffs were blooming.

  7. Kim – I thinks the jokes on me though as it is going to snow this weekend.Rol – Good news about the peewits. They are wonderful birds, I used to spend hours watching them as a child. Hope your right about spring.Malc – As you say you live on the edge though. That must be part of its charm, and it will flip again at the weekend. Is Reg okay?

  8. I think the Met Office are as perplexed by the weather as we are. That’s two days on the trot that have been bright and dry when the forecast was for rain.

  9. They are beautiful, I have to admit. They are so statuesque – particularly when you see them standing at the side of your pond first thing in the morning taking out all the fucking fish you’ve nurtured for so long!! Herons in flight – that’s how I like to see them.

  10. Illman – I think that the Meto are perpetually perplexed.Reg – You breed fish for the Herons! What a star.Gadjo dilo – agree with you, I always used to tremble with fear and dread at the approach of an elegant bird.

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