A Lovely Spring Day

It was such a lovely spring day, that we had to take the opportunity to get out for a walk. So Mrs BW and I got up early and leaving the teenagers safe in their beds at home we spent a happy couple of hours walking in the Goyt.
It was warmish and not that busy. The recent rain had left the ground soft but the going was relatively easy. The sheep lazily grazed only stopping briefly to glance at us as we passed. They had very white fleece.
We stopped for some fruit, and sat with our backs to the woods and stared over at the resevoir. The trees were full of birds, mainly great tits, but there were blue and coal as well. A lesser spotted woodpecker made a brief appearance. We could have stayed there for for longer, but even though it was a Sunday there were things to do, so after a few more minutes quiet contemplation we set off back.
At the car park a couple were arguing about the merits of different cycle saddles. The pond was empty of ducks and the water rippled in the slight breeze. A last look round and then it was back to reality.

6 thoughts on “A Lovely Spring Day

  1. You are a lucky man. All that really makes life’s crap meaningless……and it’s been there for millennia (apart from the reservoir!) and it will still be there when we are long gone. A chorus of the Galaxy Song, I think?

  2. Malc – Thanks. The only thing missing is the sound of the sea. Guess you can’t have everything. Mind you though where you live must just about fit the bill.Rol – Yep its glorious. There will be a sting in the tail so we should enjoy it only problem is that f**king work gets in the way.Reg – The trouble is that you have to go back to the crap. (Thanks for the correct spelling of reservoir by the way) And there is a lot of crap about at the moment,

  3. Definite smell of spring in the air for the past few days, which is seriously unusual in Scotland.Not that I want to pollute the planet or anything, but global warming does have it’s advantages up here…

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