A Walk in the Woods on a Sunny Sunday

It was too good to miss. A hard frost, the temperature fell to -7.0C during the night and was only at -4.0C at 10.00am and the sun was shining. For a change we went to Grinlow Woods. This Beech wood is on the site of old lime kilns and the hills and hummocks and trees make for an interesting stroll. Today, warmed by the sun, and may be tricked into thinking it was spring, the squirrels were out and about racing and leaping from tree to tree, generally getting to know each other after the winter.

The woods were full of noise. From the crys and shouts from the people on the Go Ape walkways and slides to the drumming and drilling of the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Smaller birds flitted about in the warmth of the sunlight in the upper canopy. They defied both my attempts to photopgraph them and even Mrs BW’s attempts to spot them through the Binoculars.

It was good to be out and about, and the cafe at Pooles Cavern was open so we popped in for a coffee and some apple cake before going home to wake the Weasel.

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