Chill Out

I had some time today to just get out and chill (easy with the wind chill at around -7 in the Goyt), so I took off with the Camera. It was late afternoon and there was not a lot of light but it was still worth it. It cleared my head, which has been full of rubbish for the past few days.

Just after I had taken this one a dog appeared. It was a friendly sort of dog and wanted to play. It dropped a very used and old tennis ball at my feet and then looked at me expectantly. I was tempted to lob the ball into the pond. In the end I took pity on the dog, as the pond is deep and very cold. And its owner appeared and he was bigger and stronger looking than me and I guessed that he would not take kindly to his dog going for a swim.

It was a good way to round off another difficult day. As the sun dipped behind the hill, the red grouse scattered in panic from me and the dog, and I felt a little better, a little bit more sorted.

3 thoughts on “Chill Out

  1. That last shot is especially gorgeous. I can see why you love walking there. My way of unwinding is to listen to a book on CD on the way home at night. On days when it’s been crazy – like the last month – I have to rewind a lot because I catch my mind drifting and loosing the story, but by the time I get home I’m much more relaxed. Hope you can get out and enjoy some blue sky again tomorrow.

  2. One of the most insidious aspects of depression is that it tells you it is THE TRUTH. You feel, with absolute certainty that you are seeing things as they REALLY ARE. This means that any time in the past that you have been happy, or at least not depressed, means you must have been dillusional. It also means it will be impossible to be truly happy again.It isn’t THE TRUTH. There is no THE TRUTH. It is A truth, and a lying one at that. It does not have the monopoly on Truth, it just tells you it does, and it’s very convincing at the time.If you can understand this when you are in a dark place, it will not take the pain away, but it can become an anchor until you ride it out.

  3. Fiwa – The only tapes (yes its a very old car), are Harry Potter ones, and they would make me commit an act of which later I would be ashamed. It rained today, but I like the rain so that was okay.Kim – You are right of course and I know it as I have been here before and worse. It will get better.

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