5 thoughts on “Spot the Red Grouse.

  1. Well, that passed a couple of days! I couldn’t see it on the small photo so I clicked to enlarge – and still couldn’t see it. Then I had the enlarged pic sent away to NASA and following magnetic resonance imaging and computer enhancement (and a detailed study of the scene by a team of grouse reconstruction experts) they found it! Where, exactly, do I send the telephoto lens? I can’t go through that again! Either that, or you gotta find bigger grouse! Still, as I’ve said before, you’re a lucky fella to have that wild and wooly landscape on your doorstep. (Thanks for all the kind thoughts over PF).

  2. Reg – Sorry about that. Of course had you sent it to NASA they would have faked the grouse and then given the game away by putting fake palm trees in the back ground.No good Boyo – welcome back from the Ukraine. The only thing I am going to catch on the Moor at the moment is a cold.

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