Why does our next door neighbour park his van outside our house, whilst his own drive is empty? Does he want to annoy me? Doesn’t he know this selfish act could be the straw that breaks me,that turns me, a reasonable normally tolerant human being into someone that would make Genghis Khan creep back into his tent and decide to knit a pair of woolly socks and leave the rest of the world in peace.

Why is my inbox full of junk mail from people wanting to sell me ways of enlarging my pen!s? Has someone been secretly filming me in the shower? What is a pen!s anyway? I am not sure if I want one let alone a bigger one.

Why have the Halifax bank charged us a total of £210 in bank charges for going £42.38 over drawn? How can they possibly justify that? Whats more they sent one of the letters informing us on Christmas day? How sad is that? Mrs BW has spoken to them on the telephone. I wanted to go round to the local branch and have a chat about it. Mrs BW was right of course. Calling them all the Anglo Saxon names that I know will not change their ridiculous thieving policy on bank charges nor in all probability persuade them to relent.

There are no answers but it does me good to get it off my chest.

6 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I don’t really have the spam/email problem, but OHMYGOD, the parking thing drives me nuts too. Sometime I shall take a picture of our next door neighbor’s house. They have TWO driveways, yet they insist on parking in the yard, or in the street in front of our house. The folks across the street put a line of boulders up in front of their garden to keep them from doing it on their side of the street.

  2. Maybe it’s all a sign of the apocalypse? And I’m sorry to hear about the overdraft charges. Here, I am able to tell you from personal knowledge (v. v. sad), it costs about $50 to overdraw.A crowbar could take care of your neighbor’s car though. I didn’t just write that. Gremlins are in my laptop.

  3. Some people exist purely to get on your nerves. Welcome to Rol’s First Rule Of The World.My spam-mail count has gone up incredibly this last year too. I never used to get any. I even get some pen!s enlargement emails that appear to come from my own email address. You reckon my subconscious is trying to tell me something?

  4. A lot of nice people from Burkino Faso seem to want me to look after their money for them. I’m going to get a nice wedge as a result. I’ll buy you a pint when they pay me.Have you thought of parking outside your neighbour’s house.

  5. Just remember, if you mean it, cut lengthwise up the arm so clotting is less likely to happen. If it’s just a cry for help, slash across the wrist and make sure somebody is likely to discover you in time.Alternatively, talk to your GP

  6. Fiwa – You have given me an idea! Thanks. It involves small sharp objects.Foilwoman – Can I blame you when I get arrested?Rol – That’s worrying. Early signs of identity theft?Malc – I get those as well. I have thought about parking in my neighbours house. Kim – Sound advise as always. Not from experience I hope.

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