Another Stupid thing…..

Yesterday I did something really stupid, even by my own high standards.

I had spent an hour or so on Monday evening writing Christmas cards. I split them into two piles, those with stamps to be posted and those without to be delivered by hand. On the way to work , huddled up inside my coat against the cold and wanting to get inside as quickly as possible, I paused briefly by the post box and slipped a pile of cards into the slot.

Some time later sitting in Cafe Nero’s, my simple enjoyment of my Americano was curtailed when I realised, when opening my brief case that it was still full of Christmas cards with stamps on them, but of the ones to be hand delivered there was no sign.

I can’t think where they have got to?

6 thoughts on “Another Stupid thing…..

  1. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Had you posted the correct pile, I’m sure our good friends in the post office would have done their best to lose ’em anyway.

  2. People still send Christmas cards? So that’s what’s in that big pile o’ mail I was ignoring. I assumed they were bills, and was letting them age.

  3. That sounds like just the kind of week I’ve been having. I stood in line an hour and a half at the post office to mail some gifts and buy stamps for my cards. Mailed the gifts, forgot the stamps. My forehead is a bit bruised now from banging it on the car window.

  4. Rol – you’re right of course they would. Maybe they will surprise me and deliver them anyway? Foilwoman – Yes some of us still send Christmas cards. Hopefully we will be getting running water and electricity soon. The hamster can’t really pedal fast enough to run the laptop.Fiwa – Don’t start me on queues in post offices! But an hour and a half! Hope your week gets better.

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