Things a Dad has to do No 367

I had to take the Weasel to see the nurse at our surgery the other day. She had to have some blood tests. Mrs BW was going to be in Birmingham so that’s why I had to go. “Do I have to go in with her?” I asked a little bit pathetically.

“Oh course you do, the poor little thing* will be nervous. You’re her dad your need to give her some support.”

I pointed out that I tend to come over all faint at the sight of blood, and that if it involves a needle I have a nasty habit of passing out. She would be the one supporting me, literally.

So I took her. She was nervous, but I was worse. In we went. The nurse asked me if I would like to sit next to her. “Would it be okay if I sat over there in the chair by the curtain” I asked.

“Of course” she said “If you like we can pull the curtain round the chair so you won’t be able to see anything”

“Really” I said “That would be great”

She sighed and raised her eyes to the heavens. Apparently she was joking.

The Weasel was brave and later took a certain malicious pleasure in telling us during tea how many tubes full the nurse took and how dark it looked and….I think I’m going to faint.

*The Poor little thing is fifteen with attitude appropriate to her age.

17 thoughts on “Things a Dad has to do No 367

  1. Let’s face it, BW, girls are used to the thicker-than-water stuff. As well you know, no other creature can bleed for five days without dying. (Sorry, probably not an observation for the tea table).

  2. Hey, look at it this way. Because it made you feel a little ill, it probably allowed her to handle it better, because she had to show you up. Now pardon me, I going to have a throw-down with Mother England down for that comment above. πŸ˜‰

  3. Fiwa – Thanks for the analysis. I think you probably right, she was laughing and joking about it afterwards. You lost me on the last bit. Am I thick or is it a language thing?

  4. Fiwa – okay I understand. We are a people divided by a common language. By the way I have just realised that I never did your tag. Very sorry I feel very bad about it. 😦

  5. Don’t feel bad – I’m not 100% sure I understand everything you, Reg & Malc say. I just make up my own interpretations. ;)Don’t worry about the tag – at best I thought it might be a way for people trying to stretch the posts through NaBlPoMo to come up with another subject to post about. how’s your weather – any better? We’re heading into a weeks worth of drizzly rain.

  6. Fifteen-year-olds are pretty scary, aren’t they? Mine has just discovered how easy and how much fun it is to shock her dad. I kind of like it.

  7. malc – enjoyed reading about the vodka snooker. Our 15 year old is scary because she is unpredictable. One minute fine the next screaming and shouting and saying that “you’re soooooooooo unfair and I hate you” Then fine again. Could it be something in the water?

  8. Birdman: It’s the hormones. Testosterone makes men stupid (really, my dad explained it all to me when I was 15 when I asked him why boys were stupid. He said: “Sweetheart, just remember testosterone makes men stupid. Remember that, and you’ll be fine.” Of course, estrogen makes women stupid (and at times crazy), but we’re really only under its strong influence one week out of four. So we win.Oh, and if you named your daughter Weasel, even if only on the Internet, I cannot pretend that you don’t deserve what you have coming. You may think you’re a macho dude (or maybe you have a realistic world view, who knew, it could happen), but I’m pretty clear you’ve bought tampax at Tesco, much to your shame.

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