How to spend a day off.

Having a few days off work so what better way to spend it than doing some DIY. Mrs BW and I decided that the grandly named study had deteriorated into a dumping ground for unanswered letters. bills and assorted filing, and it was time to sort it out. I was dispatched to our local DIY store, a place of unbounded confusion to someone of my sensibilities, with instructions to come back with suitable storage and desking. Meanwhile back at base Mrs BW would make a start on the piles of paperwork.

Having wondered around the store for a bit I settled on a bookcase with handy cupboard below and a corner desk. It took me a while to realise that it was self service and that hanging around looking lost and simple would not get me any sympathy nor attention. So I eventually located the boxes that allegedly contained the bits for the pieces that I wanted and realised that they were too bulky to carry without the aid of a trolley.

What is it with Trolley manufacturers? The one I had was impossible to steer unladen. Once I had the boxes loaded onto it I had more chance of steering a super tanker with a paddle than getting the bloody thing to go where I wanted it to. The result was that I took the long way round. When I arrived at the checkout I spotted that one of the boxes had the words 1 box of 2. It turned out that box 2 had not been delivered so the corner desk had to be unloaded. I arrived home desk less so to speak.

Remarkably Mrs BW and I managed to get the bookcase and cupboard up without falling out. It was a great team effort, she reading the instructions (well it makes her happy) and me running about carrying things and bashing things in. In no time at all it was up and we were on the way to being organised. It won’t last but we shall enjoy it while it does. Who knows we may even get round to paying a few bills.

6 thoughts on “How to spend a day off.

  1. You are a glutton for punishment. I hate doing DIY stuff. Good for the two of you for putting it together. I could sit for hours with something like that and not get one screw in place.

  2. That sounded vaguely Ikea-ish? I hate going to that place, even though the kit is good. It’s like Tokyo Central with rawl plugs. Have a good few days off.

  3. Mrs Trainee Pig Farmer went to Ikea last night with two of her chums. She was evasive about what she had bought. Not a good sign, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  4. Fiwa – I won’t rearrange your last sentence. Quite extraordinary that we did not fall out, we have done everytime in the past usually over the inordinate amount of time that Mrs BW spends reading the instructions.Reg – Ikea are not guilty in this instance. Its a nightmare of a place. I fear I will spend days wandering around and then when you have given up hope you are faced with the cafe offering you swedish meat balls. Horrible.Malc – Very Worrying. Are you on the look out for an overladen boat bringing all sorts of swedish furniture to your island idyl? Perhaps she bouht stuff for the pigs?

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