Recycled Justice

Some mean spirited little shit of a citizen unable to cope with the new recycling instructions that our wonderful and noble council have introduced, decided that, rather than sort their rubbish into things that can be recycled and things that can’t be recycled, they would not bother. Further they then obviously filled their bin up and decided that they would have to dump their surplus into someone else’s bin. They choose our next door neighbours. They chose to put the surplus bags into the bin set aside for recycled things only. Their bag contained non recycled things. The eagle eyed bin men spotted this and removed the offending bags and left a sticker on our neighbours bin that their anti social and criminal behaviour had been noted and that if they did it again they would lose all their rights as citizens of this wonderful borough and be sent to prison for life or something like that anyway. Now you see the people that could not be bothered to sort their stuff out into the appropriate piles were not only lazy they were also thick. Amongst the mixed up rubbish they left discarded envelopes with their address on it. They only live a few streets away. The council have been informed. The council have done nothing, nor have they as yet removed the bags of rubbish. A notice has been issued and a form filled in and in the universe of the shinny suited clipboard wielding men equilibrium has been reached and cannot be disturbed. It matters not that an injustice has been perpetrated. After all what is one innocent family wrongly accused in the greater scheme of things.

4 thoughts on “Recycled Justice

  1. Time to order the people who live a few streets away a few late night pizzas and curries, I think? Not that I’m petty or small minded, you understand. Phone your councillor, BW. Get him or her off his or her backside and insist something is done. Good luck.

  2. Have you thought of setting up some enormous speakers outside and playing heavy metal 24/7, much like the US Marines did with Noriega? Although I believe Noriega was very careful to sort his rubbish properly.

  3. Or how about putting a handmade sign that says “these wankers like to put their trash in other people’s cans” in front of their house.Wankers – like that?

  4. Reg – Excellent suggestion but, we once tried to order an unpopular master at school a blow up woman without success , so I think I will steer clear of that one. Councillors tend to be useless unless thiere is an election looming, so I think next time we will just go and tip it back on their front step.Malc – Noriega! I’ll suggest it to the local authority, he could champion their Binovation publicity.Fiwa – I think that about hits the spot. Direct and to the point.

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