Great Britain?

We have a football team that can’t beat anybody, an Inland Revenue that can’t keep our personal details safe, a legal system that keeps on sending innocent people to prison, a police service that shoots innocent Brazilians and tasar’s comatose diabetics, a Government that keeps on taking away our freedoms and a postal service that cannot distinguish Close from Road. We live in a cold, crowded, dirty, and windy little island. Apart from that we have nothing to complain about really. And its Friday. What more can you want. I’m off to the pub!

14 thoughts on “Great Britain?

  1. Going to the pub sounds a grea idea! Wish i could afford it, I too have a Teen, can anyone Tell me please why £50 for a hooded top is not classed as expensive ?

  2. It`s not the cash machine i have to worry about it`s the wife !Like the pics of Buxton in the snow, used to be like that all year when i was a lad :-}

  3. I too am dismayed at the performance of the nation’s football teams and the Government’s increasing xxxxxx xx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx xxx terrorism xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx bikini xxxxxxxx MPs xxxxxxxx gravy txxxn xxxxxx bxngs xxxxx bxg dxnners, lxxse wxmxn, fxt cxts, bxstxxds.Some of this comment may have been cxxxxxxd.We’re watching you BW,love Gordon,(vote Labour)(please)

  4. Great, isn’t it? Lose the personal banking details of 20 million people and you don’t so much as get a telling off. Lose a children’s game involving a ball and two goals and you are sacked, the country goes into mourning and the media gives it more coverage than World War II! You have the right idea, though. All the answers can be found in the pub.

  5. Tay – How can you be scared of your wife?The good old days. Snow all the year round, blazing hot summers, in those days men were men and small furry animals had alot to be worried about.Malc – Gordon who?Tay – Praise the Lord! Praise him!Reg – The world is a wonderful place as seen through the bottom of a glass. At least if you lose a game of footie you get £2.5m to help ease the pain.

  6. Oh, but we’ll just be replacing him with one just as bad. Birdwatcher, I think you’ve been doing great, but if it’s stopped being fun then don’t do it. Don’t burn yourself out. I know what you mean though, I’m not sure I’ll sign up again next year.

  7. I’m afraid I’ll start a flame-war, but in my humble opinion, most politicians here, regardless of party, have become too power hungry. We’ve lost some of our freedoms to a pack of politicians who think personal freedoms come second to “What I the president think is best for everyone”.

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