Mr Birdwatcher is unwell

Cruelly struck down with Man Flu, I have had to take to my bed. What a pathetic sight I must make as I lie beneath the covers bravely listening to radio 4 and taking occasional sips of the healing drinks that Mrs BW brings to me. The fledglings have been quiet, bless them ,only Moonshine seems oblivious to my plight. I can hear him now going round on his wheel. It always seems to be much louder when you have to lie there listening to it. I think I ought to have a bell installed so that if I want something I can jangle it to attract Mrs BW’s attention. It is easy to be forgotten as you lie here hour after hour. Um not sure that she would agree though……………

8 thoughts on “Mr Birdwatcher is unwell

  1. Birdman: I do hope you feel better and than Mrs. Birdwatcher is attentive in a non-homicidal way. Hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this.

  2. Reg – Your’re right about Man flu. I don’t think people fully understand how draining it is. Fiwa – The bell thing never got off the ground. Better already thanks.Foil Woman – Mrs BW is the best! She doesn’t do homicidal just an extreme form of disapproval, which though unpleasant at the time at least gives you an opportunity for a second chance.

  3. A broom is a good one to have when you’re in bed with man-flu. You can turn it upside down and bang hard on the bedroom floor to attract the attention of the carers in the kitchen below.Note: doesn’t work so well if you live in a bungalow.

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