All a bit of a Puzzle really

I believe Mrs BW’s handbag exists both in our universe and in a parallel one. It is never where she last put it and when she needs it is never there. Then having searched the whole house from top to bottom, twice! It reappears in the spot that she claimed she last left it. My theory for what its worth is that there is another Mrs BW, slightly different of course, in another universe, but for reasons that scientists with much larger brains than I, have yet to work out, they share the same handbag. So when Mrs BW in our universe is not using her handbag off it pops to make itself available for Mrs BW in the parallel universe to use.

This explains why she says things like ” My lipstick has disappeared again” and ” I am sure I had a ten pound note in my purse”.

Its not much of defense I grant you, but I never touched her lipstick.

6 thoughts on “All a bit of a Puzzle really

  1. There is a parallel universe, honest! For instance, a couple of weeks ago the other me, in the parallel universe, went and dressed up as an ostrich and stood in the town centre, waving his private parts at passers-by. Would the magistrates listen? Would they Hell!! Still, they said Edison was mad before he invented the digital watch.

  2. I think are many rips and tears (not the crying sort) in the space time continuuma bit like the sofa appearing at Lords in part of THGTTUwhole chunks of my life disappear and then reappear in the eddies of the space time continuum, I liken myself to flotsam and jetsom I hope that helps explain somethings(I have discovered the trick to the lipstick dilemma – have many many many, almost all the same shade, and liberally distribute them in drawers around the house, pockets of coats and jeans, purses, bags, the glove compartment of the car, leave them on bookshelves and in the bathroom and have small trinket boxes full of them in any loo you may have and near every mirror; then it doesn’t matter if you lose one)(and of course, whenever you are out pop into the nearest chemsit and treat yourself to a new one – or two)(I hope that helps)

  3. and I wondered where that tenner had come from! if I had your address I’d have mailed it to you before I spent it on a packet of fags and bought a new lighter with the change(I purchase lighters and distribute them around the house etc etc, in much the same way as I do lipsticks)

  4. Hmm… wasn’t there some story about the weasel filching money recently? That would explain the purse going missing for a few moments….

  5. ILTV – Thanks for the advice on lipstick, most useful. If I may offer some in return, give up smoking its not good for you financially.Fiwa – I would describe the weasels crime as taking money under false pretences. The tenner was down to me, but I only borrowed it!!!

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