Season of Mist and Mellow fruitfulness

I was early for my appointment, so popped up the road and parked in the car park just off Goyt Lane. It was misty and foggy and the air was damp but I could smell the bracken and the clean earthy smell of the moors. In spite of the grey skies, I felt my spirits lift.

The little bit of the brown hillside that was visible through the fog was tinged with golds and oranges. Though I miss the curlews and look forward to their return in the spring, the autumnal colours and the silence make up for their absence. Its a wonderful place to sit and to empty your mind of all the stuff that clutters it up. Things seem to slot into place, worries and troubles drift away.

I sat for a few minutes and collected my thoughts. I was ready to face the day. Even the fact that some selfish bastard had dumped a load of rubbish by the side of the road could not dampen my mood.

5 thoughts on “Season of Mist and Mellow fruitfulness

  1. I love autumn. It’s the colours, I think. I know the animal life tends to make itself scarce but wild and wooly landscapes compensate. Brilliant news nabout the rubbish!! “Oh, there’s something beautiful – let’s dump some shit on it!!” I think it was Einstein who said: “Only two things in the universe are certain – death and man’s seemingly infinite capacity for stupidity…..and I’m not all that certain about death.” The pub beckons. Enjoy your mellow fruitfulness.

  2. Reg – I would have them beheaded and then stick their heads on poles on the site of their “dumping”. I am on Fledgling duty tonight so no pub and sober, hence the slightly extreme views.

  3. The curlews are still here on Orkney – I counted eight in the top field this morning – along with a wide range of other birds. Don’t like to go on, so get your binoculars up here. It’s one of the reasons we moved here in the first place.

  4. Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons. The colors are so gorgeous, and now that the leaves have started falling it’s like a red carpet being rolled out. I envy your Goyt though, it sounds so peaceful. There are lots of beautiful parks around here, but they’re full of people, and hardly peaceful.

  5. Malc – Wondeful, you are a fortunate chap. I get excited about the wren that flits about our various offerings in the garden.Fiwa – I think you get more intense autumns than we do, but it is a special time of the year. The Goyt is very special.

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