Another nail in the coffin.

I must be getting old, or grumpy or even more boring, but I find Top Gear irritating. If you strip away that flash exterior, peel off those go faster racing stripes and the obsession with horse power, torque and nought to sixty statistics then all you are left with is a bunch of little boys fiddling with themselves and getting all excited about cars. There was a time when I found the programme amusing and at times funny. Now I think they are flogging a dead horse. Perhaps they have realised this with the sudden rush of autobiographies and books that they have come out with. I have a secret wish that when Clarkson asks the audience “who would like to see the lap” (Of the star in the reasonably priced car) They would groan and say no thanks and walk out of the studio. They won’t of course because they have paid to be there and they are all equally excited about cars.

Maybe its my age. I quite expect to wake up next week and find that what I need to make my life complete is pair of jeans with an elasticated waist, and that a trip to the garden centre would be an entertaining way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I have told Mrs BW that if I do, she is liberty to shoot me.

5 thoughts on “Another nail in the coffin.

  1. Nothing wrong with trousers with elasticated waistbands, BW! Shuffling is also really good. I’ve even got into the old “why did I come into this room?” thing as well. Old women even stand up for me on buses these days. Come on in, the water’s lovely!

  2. It all went downhill when someone told Richard Hammond he was a sex symbol. Isn’t James May’s hair annoying? And I notice the stars in the reasonably priced car are usually plugging a book. It’s just another chat show these days.

  3. Reg – I shuffle already. I forget why I have come into the room, but elasticated waistbands,NEVER!Malc – They all seem to be having a bad hair day at the moment. Clarkson looks like he has stuck wire wool to his scalp, the hamster has gone all hippyish and I can’t bring myself to comment on May. They are all uncool.Kim – Mrs BW went through a knitting phase. Luckily she has come through it unscathed. Cardigans are another thing to be resisted. That and admitting to prefering Radio 2 because the music is better.Fiwa – I’m sure that there are better things to do on a Sunday. Like your new photo by the way. The other one got a bit scary.

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