What does my car say about me?

I may have mentioned that I have what the fledglings refer to as the most embarrassing car in the world. Its a bit harsh to describe an L Reg Toyota Carina that has seen better days and had more caring and understanding owners and has done, well a lot of miles, as the most embarrassing car in the world but I can see their point.

I am not that bothered about it. It gets me to work and out and about and occasionally takes us on long trips fully laden with teenagers and other stuff that Mrs BW insists on taking on holiday with us. It rarely complains and apart from the kids rarely attracts any sort of comment. Until…

I was at a clients one day last week. I parked my car in the car park at the front of the building, next to the Mercs and BMWs. The main man greeted me at reception and once we had got the initial greetings over he told me that he had just had a visit from some bloke trying to persuade him to sign up to some Management Consultancy deal (scam!)

“You should have seen the car he got into, a bloody Y reg Mondeo. What on earth makes him think I am going to take advice about my business from a bloke in a Y reg Mondeo.”

I had no choice but to agree with him and even tutted for good measure. He gazed out into the car park. He could not miss the WMEC standing out like a sore thumb. He looked back at me and I could see that he had made the connection.

“Well at least your advice is free” he said.

8 thoughts on “What does my car say about me?

  1. BW, take comfort in the fact that you drive only the SECOND worst car in the world. Yup! You’ve guessed it!! I am, as a result, with you on the automobile front. As long as it goes – prefereably both forwards AND backwards – and passengers do not slide out through holes in the floor or door panels while you are travelling, then it does what it will say it did on the tin which it will one day end up as. Remember what Confuscious said: “When man look disparagingly down at your car, look disparagingly down at his crotch. Man only crave big car to hide weeny peeny.”

  2. I could really care less about what car I drive. As long as it gets me from A to B, that’s all I’m concerned with. I have yet to own a brand new car, and I’m actually quite proud of that fact. Toyotas ROCK! They never break down.

  3. Reg – If Confuscious is right (And I believe that he often is) that means that Clarkson must be penisless. Thats cheered me up on this damp and dull Friday.Fiwa – Of course I can’t say that Toyotas never break down because oif I do mine will. But you’re right, they don’t.

  4. Think my Land Rover Discovery shunts your Toyota further down the pecking order. If it’s capable of taking the family on holiday their can’t be much wrong with it. And that bloke clearly has a very tiny penis. . . or he’s just a twat.

  5. Well I used to drive around in a dented and battered Lada, and when the stepkids thought we were going to pass anyone they knew they would duck down in the seats

  6. If that bloke drove one of those Mercs and BMWs then he needs his head smacked repeatedly into a heavy door until he sees sense. Especially if he drives a BMW.

  7. Malc, a Landrover has a certain class that a Toyota can never aspire to.Kim, been there, now I know why our kids lie on the floor of the car as we drive through Buxton.Richard, It was a BMW. There is not a door heavy enough. Yet.

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