Eight out of Ten Owners

“Have you tried Whiskas dried food for Seniors?”

I spotted this on the side of the packet of Whiskas dried cat food when I was feeding the feline fiends this evening.

And to be purfectly honest I haven’t tried them. I mean I don’t eat dried cat food or any other type of cat food for that matter. I have eaten some very strange things but pet food has never featured on the list.

So do the clever creative types that design the Whiskas cat food packaging think that cats can read? Or is it a genuine attempt to lure me away from my porridge or Muesli and have me sit down to a nice bowl of dried herring or beef flavour dried shapes for my breakfast?

I suppose I could sprinkle a few of them into the bag of sweets that Mrs BW has left by the front door to give to the Trick and Treaters that no doubt will be soon beating a path to our door. I mean it couldn’t hurt could it? And it would add a certain crunchy frisson to the whole tedious business.

9 thoughts on “Eight out of Ten Owners

  1. I have always eaten dog biscuits (it probably explains a lot). I also once ate a tin of Pal at college because I was so hungry and there was nothing else. Still, I’ve got a nice, glossy coat. P.S. When the kiddies call round tonight and yell “trick or treat?”, just hand them the cat food-covered sweeties and say, in a sinister, Vincent Price-kind of way: “You decide!! Mwo ho ho, Mwa ha ha ha Haaaaaa!!”

  2. it doesn’t say have you tried to eat Whiskas dried . . . etc does it? just have you tried, as in tried, just for example, killing spiders with it, doing up your shoes with it, knitting a pair of natty and fashionable fingerless gloves with it, or even tried feeding it to your many starving dependents and/or cats.My cat doesn’t like it.

  3. reg – Not many callers to Birdwatcher Mansions last night. Maybe the severed heads on spikes in the front garden put them off.Ziggi – In the interests of science you understand I tried ordinary dried and senior dried. Actually they were quite nice. I might take them up as a mid morning snack.Malc – Thats props for you. It beats drinking the complimentary bottle of perfume at the post match dinner. Mr Rendell if my memory serves me right.

  4. you mean Adebeyo Adedeyo can’t read?(if I’d have known that the Trick or Treaters would be in somewhat depleted numbers this year, I’d have not wasted so much money on crap children’s chocolate – I mean crap chocolate, not crap children, obviously – but would have bought myself a nice box of Black Magic instead)

  5. Head’s on stakes?! And you say our pumpkin was bad?? heehee… I’m sure you’re kidding about the heads on stakes… I think? But some years we have gone so far as to have half buried body parts in our garden. This was a shameless attempt to make points with the teen crowd so they won’t egg us later – it helps to be the coolest house on the block.

  6. ILTV – Can’t read and can’t write! She can sleep and eat though.We have bags of mini chocolate bars left from the no show that Wednesday night. It keeps the fledglings happy (For a day or two anyway)Fiwa – Why would I be kidding? Its an effective way of keeping them away. I’m intersted in the half buried body parts though. Maybe thats one for next year.

  7. I used to have a bit of a thing for Bonios and whenever we looked after our neighbour’s dog when we were kids I’d end up eating more of them than she did. The white bits in Winalot were OK too. I don’t want to know what was in them thanks.

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