Sunday Morning Stroll

I took the youngest Birdwatcher with me to the Goyt this morning. The incentive for him to drag himself out of his warm bed early on a Sunday morning was the promise of snow. It has magic effect on him. One second a sleepy head buried under the covers, the next, alert, eyes shining, pulling on clothes. “Give me half an hour” he said. “Twenty” I countered. He agreed. Well I had to agree to put his readi brek in the micro wave!

It had been snowing overnight and we could see the snow lying on the hills to the north and west. As we arrived at the Car Park it started to snow again.

It was steady rather than heavy, but with a strong breeze whipping it into my face it stung uncomfortably. After five minutes plodding along the track, I realised that my walking trousers were not water proof. The Snow continued for most of the walk, but struggled to settle. The ground is saturated at the moment. The ground oozes water from every pore. There was nothing and no one else about. Anything with any sense was inside or under cover. Anyway Alex has found another thing that Dad’s are useful for (its not a very long list) Sheltering behind when its snowing.

As we got back to the pond, I noticed a pile of flowers by the waters edge. A woman’s body had been found there earlier in the week. There were no suspicious circumstances according to the newspaper report.

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