A Brief Respite from Work

Managed to grab a few minutes between clients so I nipped upto the Goyt. (Where else!) It was very cold but the winters sun made up for it. The edge of the pond was rimmed with ice. There was no wind, and no sound. Perfect.

7 thoughts on “A Brief Respite from Work

  1. Oh good – thank you for taking your snow back where it belongs! Heehee.Glad Mrs. BW is back home and all major catastrophies were diverted.

  2. Sadley it is leaving us, but it was nice whilst it lasted. The younger birdwatchers enjoyed it! Life is back to normal, Mrs BW refreshed and full of creative ideas. (She hasn’t spotted the mark on the sofa yet!)

  3. Chelley – it is beautiful. No matter how stressed out or fed up I feel I know I can pop ten minutes up the road to the Goyt and fel my spirits lift. Very Lucky! Thanks for visiting by the way.

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