This really irritates me!

At Morrisons last night at the baskets only checkout, basket cases would be more apt, the woman in front of me seemed to be operating in slow motion. She would not move forward, and would not empty the contents of her basket onto the conveyor belt, until the guy at the checkout had almost finished with the customer in front of her. And when she did put the sad contents of her basket onto the belt, she refused to pass me the little plastic barrier. I had to reach forward to get it! How inconsiderate can you get? Well much more in her case. Firstly she scorned any offers of help to pack her shopping and took ages to put the few items in three plastic bags. Three! Hasn’t she heard of global warming, the energy crisis, or what plastic bags do to dolphins? Then her piece de resistance, paying for her shopping! It came to twelve pounds thirty pence. She stopped packing away her shopping and fished out a battered looking purse. Firstly she tried to make up the amount from the change that she had. She had not got enough but required several goes to arrive at this conclusion. Then she had a look around to see if she had any notes. I was on the verge of offering to pay for it myself, when she found ten pounds and managed to complete the financial part of the transaction. But she was not finished. Oh no! She had to wait for her receipt and put this way in a special place in her purse. Then she finished her packing. And eventually having thoroughly checked that she had not left anything, moved away so that I could get my few items packed and paid for. The guy on the checkout gave me a resigned sort of look. I paid for and left with my bag, and grumpily stalked out of the supermarket. Fine way to start the weekend.

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