The Archers

Oh dear oh dear! What is going on? The normally staid and boring David Archer has been sniffing around his ex girlfriend Sophie, like a dog round a bitch on heat. Now it seems that his wife Ruth has brought their stockman Sam to the boil and his barely concealed desire for her is bubbling away. I have listened to the Archers for most of my life. It has sustained me through the highs and lows of my own years. Its mundane detail being its great strength. Just occasionally though a storyline leaps out and clouts you about the head. It looks like I am about to be clouted. I have been wrong in the past, convinced that the object of Helen Archer’s desire several years ago was female and we were about to get a lesbian storyline. Okay I was wrong. But this time I think it is fairly clear that marital harmony is going to be in short supply up at Brookfield. Of course it will all end happily. It always (usually) does in Ambridge. Jennifer has forgiven Brian more times than I can remember, Usha has forgiven the perpetrators of the racial abuse that was aimed at her, and the Grundies have withstood more misfortune and bad luck than all the characters of other soaps put together and still carry on smiling and baking and giving Linda Snell free lifts round the village in a pony and trap. I can’t wait for the next exciting episode!

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