A Bit of a Misunderstanding

I was explaining to a friend on Sunday about the Goyt and trying to convey some sense of the fascination and allure that this seemingly unremarkable manufactured piece of countryside holds for me. He listened politely,

“Of course you know that it is one of the top dogging spots in Derbyshire don’t you”. He told me.

I thought it was an odd thing to say. I shrugged. “No I didn’t actually. I mean I can see that it is a good place to take a dog for a walk. The railway track gives easy access and there are an awful lot of dog walkers around when the weather is good.”

“That’s not what I mean” he said, and proceeded to explain to me what he meant by dogging.

I was a bit crestfallen.

Yesterday, in between clients, I took a bit of a detour up Long Hill and dropped down the lane parking the car by the pond.

There were no cars. (Good!)

The pond was empty of ducks though. (Not so good?)

The air was misty, thick almost sultry.

It was difficult not to set off down the path into the little valley. The fact that I was wearing patent leather shoes sort of clinched it though. So I just stood and stared at the view and felt the stress and strains melt away. Dogging spot or not, this is still a special place.

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