I won’t shut up

The people decided, and the decision as we all know is to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union. Fair enough, that is democracy and it is the duty of the Executive to negotiate the best possible deal for Brexit. The deal will then have to be agreed by Parliament. That is how our system works. If the people don’t like it, then they have an opportunity at the next election, probably in 2020 to express that discontent.

But the debate about our place in Europe, our membership of the EU goes on.

It does not mean that because I voted to Remain, that I now have to shut up. I seem to recall that those who wanted us to leave, kept up a barrage of complaints, tall stories and lies about the EU for some forty years before the referendum.

Ian Hislop was spot on with his 60 seconds ‘rant’ against those that would silence us.

So if you voted leave and you think, well that’s it then, lets move onto getting the British Empire back, or what ever the next Daily Mail inspired fantasy is, you can think again. You are going to hear the arguments for Remain or rather Rejoin again and again, and as our economy slips into a slow decline and the country creaks under the burden of restrictions to our freedoms and rights imposed by a right wing tory prime minister, you just might look back nostalgically to the heady, slightly chaotic days of EU membership.

The political nation has gone AWOL. While they sort out the mess that the referendum has caused, the rest of us wonder just what the future holds. We are entitled to make the case for rejoining the EU, given that the case made by the official Remain campaign was so shambolic and lacking inspiration, and the case made by Leave, was shall we say a little economic with the truth.

The EU will evolve. We need to be ready to play our part in that evolution.

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