Senior Moments

I had stopped off at the Michael Woods services for a coffee. I was on my way down to the West Country for my uncle’s funeral. I had not intended to stop there, but had planned to stop at the new services near Gloucester. These being run by the same company that operates the Tebay services. So passing a sign that said the southbound services would be opening in the summer of 2015 initiated two reactions. Firstly disappointment. I had been looking forward to stopping off and wandering around their farm shop and secondly confusion as I was convinced that I had stopped there on my way down to Somerset at Christmas. Obviously not. Another senior moment.


Whilst at Michael Woods I popped into Waitrose to get some mints. They were very short staffed or so the young man told me as it had been unexpectedly busy that afternoon. By way of a joke I commented that once the new services at Gloucester had opened things might quieten down. He glanced up and smiled in a knowing way.


“Oh no they are having no effect on us at all as yet.”


I paused and hoped that he was not on secondment from Waitrose’s strategy department.


“But they are not opened yet so you wouldn’t expect much effect yet would you?”


He thought about this for a bit. “No” he agreed. “But the Northbound services have been open for months. They haven’t effected us at all.”


I was about to point out that we were South bound and that the North bound  Gloucester Services were some 12 miles or so further up the motorway, so of course they were not likely to make any difference. I decided against it. After all what the hell did I know? Who was I to stand in judgement? I was convinced that I had been to the Gloucester South bound services and they were definitely not open yet.

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