Can I have my ball please.

LIlly was staring intently at the ball a few feet a away from her. If she had been Derren Brown then the ball would have been hovering several feet up in the air, performing the occasional trick. But she isn’t and it wasn’t, it was just being stared at. Intently. So she didn’t flinch when a grey hound, part of a trio flounced up to her, all long legs and spindly tail. The grey hound nicked the ball and ran off. Lilly looked surprised and a little put out. She doesn’t nick other dogs balls, though she did look lovingly at a football the other day and even ventured to sniff it. But she knows better. She has been brought up not to steal. The greyhounds owner laughed when he saw this. I think it was this more that the act of theft from his dog that annoyed me more.

“Aren’t  you going to get my dogs ball back?”I said in my calmest voice.

“No.” Came the somewhat surprising reply. “You wont see that again.”

I bristled.

“Excuse me, but I would like the ball back.”

“Well if its that much of an issue for you tell me where you live and if I can get it from him I might drop it off.” He was exceeding himself in the surprising reply department.

“That’s not acceptable I am afraid.” I said boldly

“You what mate,” He snarled this back. A look of outrage that anyone should dare question him crossed his face.

“I said I would like my ball back. I expect you to get to from your dog. Please.” I delivered this in my most patient and reasonable voice.

“Sorry not possible. He won’t come back. He’s a rescue dog.” This last bit I think was mean’t to shame me into feeling sorry for both the dog and to feel shame at my totally unreasonable request.

“Well I don’t really care. You should come out with your own ball and not have your dog stealing other peoples balls.” He was about to reply, when his greyhound dropped Lilly’s ball and began to nose about in a pile of what I later found out was dog mess. Slowly I walked towards the ball and managed to pick it up. At this the man called once and the dog that won’t come back looked up and sauntered towards him.

Lilly had not moved. As soon as she saw the ball in my hand though she tensed and then as I made to throw it for her, she raced away, eyes wide, tongue to one side. All was well, all was normal. She had her ball back.

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