Buzzards and a Ball the path to happiness.

Tuesday, and I should have been in Derby, but a number of excuses from potential clients found me with a free day.  Well not free, because an inbox full of unanswered emails and plenty of meeting notes still to write, meant that I should have treated the cancellations as an opportunity to catch up.  I made a couple of phone calls and then made the mistake of asking Lilly the Collie if she would like to go out to play? She did, so it was off with the office clothes and on with the walking gear.

I guess I knew that if I left my camera behind the local bird life would put on a show. I wasn’t to be disappointed. As soon as Lilly and I reached the path up to Lightwood, a couple of buzzards popped over the horizon and as one was mobbed by the usual suspects, the other soared slowly and effortlessly above the woods. With just an occasional wing flap and an adjustment to its tail feathers and the occasional disdainful swipe at a passing crow, it rose and circled before gliding down onto whatever it was that it had seen on the ground.

Further along and past the drilling rig, dozens of wood pigeons flew from tree to tree, keeping low to the tree line, while flocks of tits and chaffinches bustled from bush to bush. Whilst Lilly splashed about in the canal, I watched and listened for any sign of the dipper that I saw at the weekend.

One of the buzzards flew over the remains of the reservoir, before catching a thermal and circling upwards, round and round in larger and larger circles with only the faintest flicker of its wings. It drifted with the wind across towards the Goyt. The squeaking of a squeaky ball brought me back to Lilly and so still feeling the uplift in spirits that I had from the buzzards, launched her ball into the air and watched and smiled as she raced past me eyes bulging and tongue hanging out to one side. Life is simple if you let it be.

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