Season of Mists

Its the first day of Spring. Perhaps that’s why I leapt put of bed this morning with a spring (:)) in my step, grabbed the dog and my walking boots and rushed out of the front door. Oh how good it was to up and about. The birds felt it too, and sang a morning chorus, dawn having been and gone, to celebrate.

Heading into the woods first, Lilly was keen to be off the lead and to rush about amongst the fallen trees and branches, evidence of the latest storms. I gave her a little freedom but kept her on the long lead. She has a habit of disappearing after squirrels and she does not know these woods. The is something primeval about the woods in the early morning on a misty day. The sounds of a woodpecker make it more soImage.

The spell was broken by a couple of labradors and their owner.Β 

Soon we were clear of the woods, and out onto the moors and the remains of the old reservoir. A sparrow hawk surprised a blackbird as it weaved between trees ion pursuit of a small brown bird, and we disturbed a couple of herons that were feeding in the small ponds that is all remain of the reservoir.


And so home and breakfast, and the whole of Saturday ahead of us.Β 

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