Moaning Monday

The self service checkouts at our local Morrisons are a pain even when they work, with their patronising instructions, and random refusal to accept items. But at least they do something to reduce the queues especially at busy times. So when half of them were out of action tonight, you would have thought that the Worlds Best Northern Supermarket might have opened a few more checkouts. But no. Out of the fifteen checkouts only four were open. And the queue for the self service ones was snaking back into the aisles. Of course the warm weather has brought people out to get BBQing stuff so it was a little busier than a normal Monday evening, and I had to queue behind Captain Slow. Just to make matters worse my phone started ringing when it was my turn. Of course I ignored it so as not to annoy the people behind me, who all pulled their phones out thinking it must be there’s that was ringing. And while I’m on why are people panic buying fuel already? The sun is shining and its quite warm outside. Stop panicking and chill a little.

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