The Perfect Cup of Instant Coffee

Yes it is possible to make a decent cup of instant coffee. It needs a little more time and care but not that much. I always use Alta Rica, but the method will improve any blend from the humble supermarket brand to the top of the range. The key to making the perfect cup of coffee is to put the milk in first before you put in the nearly boiling water. This is critical, the other way round and the day is lost. But putting the milk in first is only the start. Once you have the milk and as much of the instant coffee as you require in your mug, pour a little of the nearly boiling water in. Not too much maybe a tablespoonful. Then stir the mixture vigorously until the coffee has dissolved. You can then add a touch more milk if you wish but continue to stir. Finally add the rest of the nearly hot water. The taste is different, richer with more depth to it than if you put the hot water in first. Its the only way to drink instant coffee. Add sugar if you must, but personally I don’t see the point.  

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