A bit of a catch up

With the Wiz in Ethiopia, and the Munch working hard as an apprentice chef, I was home alone with Lilly the Collie for most of the weekend. Mrs BW made a brief appearance in between shifts at Hardwick Hall, and we shared a silent pint together at the Wye Bridge on Saturday evening. We took Lilly along who livened things up by barking at a group of lads at the next table. Luckily they thought it was funny or else I might have had to place Mrs BW in between them and me. For her own protection you understand.

I amused myself by wandering around town and taking in the sun and the festival crowds. It was certainly busy. And every available space seemed to be occupied by Morris Dancers. Of course Lilly barked at them and briefly thought about rounding them up, but they kept on waving their hankies in a mildly threatening way and she decided that they were not worth the bother.

On Friday evening I went to see Ed Reardon in a writers burden. Now I am a bit of an Ed Reardon fan. Its therapeutic to come across someone more miserable than ones self. But I was a bit sceptical about it transferring from the wireless to the stage. I need not have worried. It was excellent. And I laughed. Disappointing that the theatre was only half full, but I guess that Buxton just isn’t ready for this kind of show, or that they have not managed to find radio 4, let alone radio 4 extra on their wireless dials. Which leads me onto another point. Which twelve year old decided to change the name of the best listening on radio from BBC Radio 7 to BBC radio 4 extra. Pointless. As pointless as the Post Office changing to Consignia or what ever it was several years ago. No doubt it cost a lot of money and involved many wine fuelled lunches with clever consultants. Will they be ditching BBC radio six music to BBC radio one and a bit?

Well that’s it for now.

6 thoughts on “A bit of a catch up

  1. Wait a minute…I saw (and forgot to comment) on the fact that the Wiz is off to Ethiopia (wow! Brave girl!) but what's this about the Munch? Is this a summer job or is he done with school?

  2. That is really interesting – I wish him well at it and hopefully the pay will increase with time.I'm ok. I've been dealing with a very sick mother since February, and that has occupied most of my time and interest this spring/summer. I'm going home to visit her later this week though and hope to come home feeling more at peace.

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