The Wiz is off on her travels.

Sitting in what I grandly call the office, but which is in fact a spare room that we do not need. Well its a space with my stuff in it anyway. Looking out of the window, I can see that the rain has arrived. So it must be Buxton carnival tomorrow! Feel pretty sad at the moment. I took the Wiz to Heathrow yesterday. She has gone to Ethiopia with Link Ethiopia to do some work with them in Gonder in the North of the country. Not heard from her since but Link E, tell me she arrived safe and sound this morning. I guess she will be asleep. Feel excited and scared for her. It will be a wonderful experience, at least that’s what you are supposed to say. Sitting drinking coffee before she boarded she said that she was glad she was going to Ethiopia and not Ibiza with the rest of her friends. Wow she has changed. She is a brave young woman and I am very proud of her. This time last week I was watching her play Alice in Billy Liar at the Buxton Fringe. She was so good, well they all were. They worked really hard on the performance and the efforts showed through. Soon she will be leaving home to go to Uni (fingers crossed). Where has the time gone? Anyway Wiz be safe and take care, have a wonderful time. Miss you, love Dad xxx

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