Dog hair under the bed

I think this blog has got tired like its author. Its a bit frayed around the edges, some of the bits don’t work any more. A lot of the content doesn’t make any sense and has a habit of repeating itself. Things have become neglected, scruffy. There is dust in the corners and little piles of dog hairs under the bed. So what to do? Emigrate somewhere else and start again? There is always word press, but that looks a little complicated to me to be honest. I guess I will just have to roll my sleeves up and tidy this place up. But not now, not tonight. Other things to do you see, like pick the Weasel up from the furthest reaches of Buxton. So maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not. There is always the weekend, that great repository for all the things that you have put off doing during the week. But England are playing Ireland and its for the Grand Slam, so beer maybe involved. I’ll just leave it for now.

3 thoughts on “Dog hair under the bed

  1. Just so long as you don't close it! I still read! (Says the bad, bad friend who closed her own blog and never comments…)

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