Muddy Dog

The Dale is very wet and very muddy. Lilly the Collie has managed to get quite a lot of the Dale on her paws and tail and other furry bits. Its getting dark as we trudge through the puddles, sneaking past the cows that gang up against the gate and the way out and back to the car. Lilly keeps a low profile hugging close to my legs. She isn’t that fond of cows. Back at the car I make a man sized attempt to clean her up. Most of the mud stays put. Still we have had a good walk, and Lilly has chased the ball up and down dale and sniffed out a few pheasants and generally had a good old time. I am looking forward to a cup of tea and an early night. A bath, a book and clean sheets beckon. When we get back to Birdwatcher Towers I make another cursory attempt at getting Lilly clean, but give up and trudge off upstairs for my bath. Nice and relaxing, and hot with plenty of bubbles. As I dry myself someone nudges open the bathroom door and Lilly pads across the floor. She seems pleased with herself. And she has clean paws. I give her a tickle and go to the bedroom. Now I see why she is clean. Most of the Dale is on my now not so fresh and clean bedding. There is a large dog shaped patch of mud and dirt in the middle of the bed. Of well, its only dirt.

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