A Proud Dad

Just got back from the Studio theatre in Buxton where the Weasel was performing a play that she and her drama group had written as part of their A’level work. Now okay I am biased. But they were brilliant. The Wiz, acting a part out of character captured her part perfectly. I know she has worked hard at it (they all have) but what they produced and wrote was a good as anything I have seen for a while. The play revolved around the death of a guy called Luke. It opened with his funeral. He was narrating, part biography part home spun philosophy, as well as slipping into the action as it shifted from the present into the past.. He had been two timing his wife (played by the Wiz) and as the tensions surfaced so each of the characters came to life. The narration was well done and slotted seamlessly into the action. They also handled the shifts between past and present brilliantly. Luke began quite upbeat but the end which was powerful and moving saw everyone move on, leaving Luke, well dead I guess. I forgot that I was watching my brilliant talented daughter, and was absorbed in the story and at the end had to wipe a tear from my eye.

Wiz I know you don’t read my blog, but you are a star. You really deserve top marks for the performance and all the work that you put into it. Can’t wait for your next performance at the fringe in the summer. Dad x

3 thoughts on “A Proud Dad

  1. A friend of mine is so devoted to helping fulfil his daughter's theatrical aspirations that he recently went to all five nights of the show she was in. Some of the cast started to get a bit freaked out until she explained the grey-haired bloke in the audience was her old man and not a stalker.

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